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Car Servicing Rugeley


Car Servicing Rugeley

We provide customers with guaranteed quality lubrication and parts in our full service; in addition to the confidence that you can trust.
Regular car servicing can extend the life by identifying defects are found before they become catastrophic.
A small investment in routine car servicing and repair, plus a good inspection programme results in a good return on your vehicle investment.

M.O.T Testing Station Rugeley

C. Fierro Garages offers M.O.T and Servicing to all makes and types of Class 1,2,4,5, and 7 vehicles, Petrol or Diesel. In addition, we also offer Four Wheel Alignment, Tyres, Exhausts, Batteries, Brakes and Air Conditioning. C.Fierro Garages M.O.T Station is Government approved by the Ministry Of Transports appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

C.Fierro Garages is a friendly and customer focused garage offering you the highest quality service. We have fully qualified mechanical engineers and the very latest M.O.T testing technology and equipment.

Auto Diagnostics Rugeley

Specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment gives us dealer level access to your cars computer system so we can see exactly what is going on throughout your car, from this we can diagnose any faults, Our testing doesn’t stop there, as auto electricians once we have narrowed down the fault we can start to check the individual components or circuit boards for faults.
Our specialist methods mean that you pay less because you are only paying for the fault to be fixed, not to have components swapped unnecessarily.

Garage Services

Car Sales 90%
Finance 60%
Car Service 90%
Car MOT 80%
Auto Diagnostics Diagnostics 30%
Tyres Fitted 40%
Exhausts Fitted 45%
  • Thanks chaps very pleased with the service received, the car drives like brand new!! I never thought i would get the fault sorted.( Just need to re-wire the wife and we will be sorted lol)Gary Turner

Garage Services Rugeley

Car Tyres Fitted

Whether you’ve got a puncture or your tyre tread is showing signs of wear, you can pop along for a free tyre check up or ring for an  appointment to get new tyres fitted by our expert tyre fitters.

Exhaust Fitting

We supply and fit a wide range of exhausts for all makes of car and light vans. We are able to cater for all kinds of exhausts whether you want something that is high performance or something on a budget.

Car Batteries

Car batteries last around 4 years, but the cold weather can stop them working and the last thing you want to do on a dark winters morning is jump start your car! We make it so easy to replace your car battery, why wait?

Car Servicing

First class service at affordable prices we service all makes and models. Our technicians are trained on the latest technologies and use up to-date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults quickly and accurately. We use replacement parts of the same quality as the original meaning that your manufacturer’s warranty will not be affected

MOT Test Station

All UK cars three years old and over require a valid MOT certificate by law. An MOT is a standardised annual test, set by the Vehicle Inspectorate, to make sure your vehicle meets all the legal requirements for safe road use. Contact us to book your car in for an MOT.

Finance Packages

We have some great finance packages, why not match one with a car of your choice. We have a nice selection of quality used cars to choose from, backed up by a service second to none. See our quality used car range.

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